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Security baseline assessment workflow

Inductory meeting
• Web or e-mail inquiry
• Offer preparation
• Customer approval of the offer
• Introductory teleconference
Instructions for capturing configuration data
• The customer provides information about system configurations according to instructions
Good practice,
• Internal standards
Closing meeting
• Closing teleconference with the presentation and delivery of the assessment report

Effective and thorough

We analyze configurations with the help of pre-prepared tools, by which:

1. we prepare provided configurations/data for import into the analytical tools

2. we import data into analytical tools

3. we analyze the configuration in accordance with rules that are pre-prepared or customized for the client

4. even if the customer has not defined the basic settings we can detect deviations from the usual settings

5. the customer/contracting authority shall decide on the criteria of the security baseline assessment

The choice can be made between:

Customer's standards

Internationally recognized good practice

We perform security baseline assessment
for the following technologies:
• Windows
• Oracle

IS audit

Information systems audit is performed in accordance with both national
and international recommendations and standards

Our experts have the experience in IS auditing in the following business areas:

Financial industry (banks, insurance companies, funds, securities)
Gambling industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Public administration and agencies
We are specialized in the audit of the internal network perimeter and infrastructure

The review covers

Review agreement
Traffic analysis
Security baseline assessment
Automatic vulnerability detection
Log analysis
Review of IT infrastructure management processes
The review report, which includes a summary and a detailed description of the risks with recommendations for improvement
* Information obtained from all sources is presented in the report as a comprehensive description of the weaknesses in the control environment resulting in network perimeter vulnerabilities.

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